Vegetarian eats for building muscle

There's lots of conflicting info out there about food isn't there? What's a girl to do when all she wants is to eat healthy and build some muscles? (Oh and doesn't eat meat!)
It's like wading into quicksand--the more info you read, the more you get sucked in, but the more trapped you feel by it all.

Sidenote: Anyone else remember the show Perfect Strangers?! LOL! 

It really doesn't have to be that way. I personally like to focus on a couple of key things and I tell my clients the same. (Insert the "I'm not a dietitian" and "you own your decisions" disclaimers right about now....)

1. Tracking water intake--at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces daily. 
2. Eat a variety whole, unprocessed foods (the less that comes from packages in the grocery, the better). 
3. Get at least 4 cups of veggies per day and 1 cup of fruit. 
4. Monitor your sugar intake. (No more than 6-9 teaspoons per day. Convert grams to teaspoons by dividing the number of grams by 4.2. Now imagine sitting down and eating a bowl full of that many teaspoons of white sugar. Yeah--that usually does the trick for me.) 

Now, there's lots more we can do to fine tune goals, and really accelerate weight loss without losing lean muscle mass. But that's a master class and something I work hard on with my one-on-one clients. Send me an email at megan9j at gmail if you are interested in working one on one. You can also sign up for my free 5 Day Eating Edit HERE. Get a jump start on some of the things I'm talking about! 

So what's on the menu this week?
Everyday I eat the same thing before a workout--a piece of bread with peanut butter and banana slices. 
Everyday after my workout I have a recovery drink with protein and BCAAs. (Ask me about my fave one.) 
Everyday for breakfast I have a superfood smoothie but I do change up the ingredients regularly. 

Now this week for AM snacks, I'm having: 

For lunches I'm having one of my staples--a veggie burger with pre-done salad mix. I like Sweet Earth brand veggies burgers. Look for ones with at least 10g of protein. Also for lunch is this Roasted Beet Salad with Marinated Chickpeas

PM snacks will be a "Caprese" salad with cottage cheese, grape tomatoes, and cucumbers.
I'll also work in these muffins:

Dinners are super simple:
Heading out one night where I will make smart choices by focusing on veggies.
One night we will have breakfast for dinner with eggs, a veggie filled hash, and some sausage for the rest of the family.
Another night will be zoodles with sauce and some homemade veggie "meatballs." You can also pre-purchase all of these items at the store all ready to go!
I'm also going to do lentil tacos with store bought shells and taco seasoning (check the ingredients). I'll add in veggies like avocado, tomatoes, and peppers.

If I get hungry in the evening, I usually make a protein shake or drink a glass of water to tide me over.

So there it is--a typical day of imperfect, but perfect for me eating. I'm ok if I don't hit my portions perfectly or my macro breakdown dead on. I'm doing ok and the best thing about a plan like this is that it allows life to happen around you. You aren't a slave to your phone or your stove! Holla!

Photo by Running On Real Food 


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