That magical day when everything is supposed to change...but doesn't

Happy New Year!
Did you stay up to see the ball drop? Did you kiss your significant other at midnight? Did you make a wish for the new year? How about those resolutions? Did you make any? How’s it going so far?

I remember back when 2015 turned into 2016. I was sitting on my couch, glass of wine in hand, feeling sorry for myself. Feeling gross, out of shape, exhausted. I knew something needed to change and I vowed that tomorrow would be the magical day it would all happen--New Year’s Day!
I resolved then and there to start exercising, eating better, and going to bed on time.

And then nothing changed. Nothing happened on 1/1/16. I didn’t work out. I didn’t change my diet. I certainly didn’t put that glass down. Grumphhhh. Damn it. This was supposed to be my year. My revolution.  

And then 1/2/16 went by. And 1/3/16. And so on and so on. And still nothing changed. Yes--I WANTED to change. I wanted to look different. I wanted my life to feel different. But it wasn’t happening. What the hell, Megan?!? What is wrong with you? Where is your willpower? Why can’t you change?

Ha! Those are loaded questions. Ones I’ve spent the last 12 months answering for myself. Along the way, I’ve done a lot of research and come up with some soul searching answers and developed strategies that might help YOU out! See, it wasn’t until February of 2016 that I finally realized I needed something more than just a vague resolution like “eat better” or “workout.” I needed an action plan. I needed support. I needed to change my thinking. I needed specific, measurable goals to strive for. And I’ve come to realize that everyone needs something a little bit different to get them on the right path. But when you find it--watch out. You will be unstoppable. That’s what we are going to get started on together. For free.

If you made some resolutions, but don’t know where to begin (or you've already stalled out), join me in my next workshop:
Building Block Basics—A FREE 5-day workshop you can do from the comfort of your own home. Join me in a Facebook group to get started in the right direction in 2017.  

1. 5 tweaks you can make RIGHT NOW to help you with your New Year’s resolutions.
2. Explore the best ways to set goals that you will jump out of bed for.
3. Take on a little challenge to get you drinking more water.
4. Get moving—a simple, day by day strategy to gain some movement momentum (don’t worry--nothing complicated, just the basics).
5. BONUS: 5 of my favorite time-saving healthy recipes.

Click here for access to the workshop group:
I can't wait to get started! We got this. 


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