Food Focus February

It can't just be me...right?

Food is the hardest thing to get on track with when you want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 
I hear it over and over again from my clients.

And I struggle with it too. Just today I posted my salad on Instagram and Facebook but what I really wanted was pizza. I cut out added sugars this week and that has me craving carbs. 

I was excited about my lunch when I packed it. But emotions tend to rule when we start thinking about food. And it's no wonder--there is so much going on under the surface besides rational choice. And I've said this before, but pure willpower won't get you there. 

Under the surface, hormones are controlling your appetite signalling. Emotions are controlling your cravings. Powerful evolutionary drives are controlling your hunger and need for nutrients (we need to eat to live after all). So how can we start to understand those forces and use them in a way to get us closer to our health goals? 

Sticking to the plan isn't always easy. I'm still a work in progress. But it's easier when you have a plan, support, and accountability. February is going to be "Food Focus February." I'm taking on things like emotional eating, making choices to boost your energy, convenience foods that will help you lose weight instead of gain it, meal planning, the best cooking tools...and so on.

If this sounds like something you want to focus on next month, send me an email at or comment below so we can get in touch! You can also fill out this quick form and I will contact you:

Hurry--spots will fill up and you'll want to get your order in and be set up and ready to roll on February 6th! 


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