Don't give up.

The Rio Summer Olympics are on right now.  
It's 11:15 PM. 
I should go to bed. 
But as as I sit here working, a stat flashed across the screen that caught my eye, 

This is Kerri Walsh Jennings. She is 37.
One year older than me.
She's an Olympic athlete.
I am not.

But what I love about her, and all the athletes competing well into their 30s is that they challenge the expiration date on what our bodies are capable of.

And nope. We don't need to be Olympic athletes. We just need to not give up on ourselves. Another Olympic athlete, Dara Torres won silver in Beijing as a 41 year old new mom. In her memoir she wrote about people fearing middle age because that is the time they give up on themselves.

Her message is that age is just a number.

My message is that you can never give up on yourself.

Have you given up on yourself? Do you look in the mirror and resign yourself to having a "mom body" that you hate? Do you reach for the pint of ice cream, thinking, "I know I shouldn't eat a huge bowl of this, but what does it matter, really?"

It does matter. It completely does. Only not in the way you are probably thinking (having a bikini body. pffff. That is one thing that doesn't matter.)

It doesn't matter how old you are--it matters if you are taking care of yourself.
It doesn't matter if you look like Kerri up there--it matters if you are using your body the way it was meant to be used.
It doesn't matter if you look like me, or the images you see in magazines, or your spin class teacher--it matters if you are protecting and maintaining the one body you've been given so it will last you as long as you need it.
It doesn't matter if you fit into a size 4--it does matter that you are showing your kids what it looks like to eat well and healthfully to prevent age and obesity related diseases. Showing your kids how to have pride in themselves--leading by example.

So yes, I do like to dole out the tough love. I do it because I wish someone had given me some a long while ago.

You know that golden rule, "treat others how you would want to be treated?" Why aren't you treating yourself that way?

I am gearing up for another month of learning, caring, growing, and helping. Are YOU ready?
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