Better Together

In two days I'll be heading to Nashville for Summit. What is Summit? It is a gathering of people who all have the same drive and desire--to help others achieve the goal of having their insides match their outside. To focus on healthful living and self-care.

The overarching purpose is to end the trend of obesity that is washing over us like a tsunami wave. I hope it will help me better express the things that have been going around my head for the last several months.

Things like how, before I got started, I knew what I was supposed to be doing but couldn't manage it.
Just like how most people know they should be taking better care of themselves, but it's their minds, not their bodies stopping them. And my calling is to dig into that head space and help people see their way out of it. Because the way is clear for me now.  I want to make it that way for others. Be the wiper blades they need--swishing back and forth through their lives so they can see the way too. And make no mistake--wiper blades is a good analogy because it's a constant need to have the way cleared when it's raining. And damn, was it raining for me.

I'm excited to hear Gary Vaynerchuk speak. He tells it like it is. "Quit doing shit you hate." Kind of like a sucker punch for me.  I'm a pleaser, always wanting to make other people happy. Even at the expense of my own needs. Not anymore. Now I take care of me first, so I'm a better person when I show up for everyone else. I still have to do some shit I hate--but mindset is everything and I've learned to flip the script on the things I hate and turn them into acts of love.

I believe everyone can make these kinds of changes in their lives. I believe I've got the tools you need to make a change. Now, I'm hoping to learn how to shout my message from the rooftops so everyone hears it over the roaring of that tsunami wave.

And hey--if you've heard me already and want to get started--I am rolling right into August. Clean Slate 30 day group starts 8/1. Wipe the sins of summer clean before the madness of back to school AND get a great foundation going before even more madness is heaped on with the Holidays (yeah--I said it!)

Contact me for details!


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