The Puzzle

Have you ever tried to put together a puzzle without a picture of what the finished product is supposed to look like?

My guess is no. That would be freaking hard. If you just had pieces and no box--you wouldn't even know if it was an ocean scene or some mountains. But what if you did have some clue--like maybe you had the box once and remember that it's a beach scene but then lost the box.  Without that reference picture how do you know if this blue piece is water or sky? Is that a bird wing or a fin?

That is what it felt like when I was trying to figure out how to take care of myself after becoming a mom. I lost the box to my puzzle. I had no reference picture. There were pieces of the puzzle in front of me, and I knew vaguely what the picture was supposed to look like, but  the pieces weren't fitting together the way I thought they were supposed to anymore.

I used to be somewhat fit.
I used to know how to eat to maintain my weight.
Why can't I put these pieces together to make a picture? Why are all the pieces one big jumbled up mess?

Some of the pieces were good, if not fitting together. A trainer, a gym membership, some yoga and spinning and resistance training classes, running races. But why couldn't I get them all in the right places to make the picture on the box?  And why was I wasting so much time and money trying to do that?

And there were some pieces in there that didn't belong--too much wine, too many unhealthy afternoon snacks, too many excuses as to why I couldn't get moving. How do I get rid of those pieces?

There is so much information out there about health and fitness. There are so many different pieces and moving parts. So many ways to spend your time and your money--how do you know if they will come together to form the picture that looks how you want it to look?

This is where I come in as a personal health coach. I give you the box to put all those pieces of the health and fitness puzzle in. I  help you take those pieces from the box and put them together into something that makes sense for your lifestyle. (And yeah--I'd like a beach scene right about now!)

"Personal health coach" sounds so fancy and expensive, doesn't it? But you can spend your time, energy, and money trying to put a puzzle together without that reference picture on the box, or you can get the big picture and put it together with a guide. You can put it together in a way that makes sense, much more quickly and more easily than without.

So if you are ready to put the pieces that are right in front of you together into a picture of better health, energy to live your life, freedom from feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, check it out with the link below. What are you waiting for? (Oh and the cost? About two decent dinners out...only you can decide if it's worth it and if you are ready to take a step that will lead to the complete picture.) You'll get fitness, meal plans, nutrition boosts, motivation, and support to help you put it all together for some serious results!


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