Maybe Tomorrow....

Me last January:
I know I need to start making better choices with for my health and my sanity.

I don't need any help with this.

[There's all kinds of free resources on the inter webs--I can do it by myeslf.]

I will start "eating better" soon.

[As soon at this bag of chips is gone--I wouldn't want to waste them all.]

I will sign up for a race--then I will have to start a plan to train for it.

[But they're all really expensive--I'll just run around the neighborhood, starting Monday.]

Except I didn't do any of those things.

In the face of so many options--free apps for my phone, free detox diets, a pair of under-used running shoes in my bedroom, gym memberships, fancy classes, free classes--I kept saying, "soon, soon, soon..."

Eventually I got so sick of it--I did buy a pack of sessions with a trainer.  That will be the answer, I thought.  Someone to motivate me and tell me exactly what to do.  Except it STILL wasn't right.  He was awesome and showed me some great exercises, but he was a 22 year old former college athlete. He knew nothing about the guilt I felt  every time I went, spending a lot of money we didn't  really have and spending time away from my son, who I didn't get to see most of the day already. He knew nothing about what it means to have a full-time career, children to care for, a house to maintain, and all the other things life asks of us. He just knew the "me" that made pleasant small talk once a week for an hour.

There is something missing from all of those options out there--there has to be, or else we'd all be in perfect shape, no one struggling with things like emotional eating, guilt, discomfort in our own skin, motivation, and accountability. No one would struggle with doing the things they need to take care of themselves.

But we ARE struggling--right?!?

It doesn't have to be so hard. I've found that out the hard way--haha!

If you feel like the options out there aren't working and haven't been working to get you on the path to health and strength and being comfortable in your own body, it's because that personalized, focused motivation, plan and accountability haven't been what they need for you to be successful. YOU have to want it, but if you do--NOW is the time. Because how many "tomorrows" have passed since you said that you'd take action?

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