Number One Priority

Do you make "To Do" lists?
How many things on there are related to self-care?

One of the very best ways to make sure you are taking care of yourself is to schedule in time to do what you need just like you schedule a doctor appointment. You wouldn't miss that, would you? And that is an act of self care too. So why is it that we can schedule [in stone] something like that, but not a workout or time to meal plan and prep?

Sometimes, I think the answer to that question lies in how I treat the activity myself. How I treat my workouts and my "me time" and my meal prep time drives other people acknowledge that time.  If I make it clear that 5AM to 6AM is my time to workout and that nothing is to come before that, my family tends to respect it. But, if I oversleep one day or just skip the workout another day, my family starts to see that this isn't really set in stone and they will start to encroach.

And I'll tell you, when everyone else starts stepping on my time, and I allow it to happen--that is when I feel the most resentful. But if I really examine it, I'm doing it to myself. I'm in control. If I make these things a priority, so will my family.

So today, I challenge you to schedule your time for YOU. Actually write it down in your date book, on the family calendar, on the whiteboard or wherever you put those non-negotiables like doctor appointments or kids' activities.  Try it for one week and see how you feel when you make your plan and stick to it. Oh--and if you aren't sure what to do to get your workout on, or if this seems impossible [even though you really want to do it], or if you need help with the meal prepping and planning, let me know. I can get you started and keep you accountable.


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