Hunt and Peck

Have you ever tried to show someone who wasn't very good on a computer how to do something like check email? Or even type? I think of computer skills as something people my age (yikes) and younger have grown up with--we are fluent in them. But watching someone struggle to type is a true exercise in patience.

Hunt and peck. Hunt and peck. And try not to pull your hair out!

When I think back to the time when I just had my son and I desperately wanted to get back to "myself," that's what my efforts were--hunting and pecking. And now, looking back, I want to pull out my own hair at how much time I wasted. Time spent struggling and feeling miserable, inadequate, foreign.  

First, I made a "wish list" of things I wanted to buy in order to get "back to myself."
Things like a new water bottle and a cute little running skirt. Good thing I never actually purchased those things or they would have been physical manifestations of my unsuccessful attempts at returning to my previously mostly fit self.

Then I signed up for a race to run. Still hunting.
I went for a run one evening. Peck peck.
Then the next evening. Peck peck.
Then I stopped--getting overwhelmed, having no one to keep me on track but my own exhausted self. Feeling guilty about the time I was taking away from my son. I was at work for 9 hours a day. How dare I take yet another hour to go for a run?

Ok, well if that isn't working, why don't I try to eat better? Hunt.
But I've been eating like a nursing mom for the last 10 months...I like my chocolate peanut butter and banana sandwich for breakfast. So instead why don't I focus on lunch? A frozen entree and a yogurt is all that I will eat all day long. That will help! Peck.

Except then by the time 3PM rolled around, I was starving and dove head first into a giant bag of M&Ms.  And then evening rolled around and my glass of wine was calling my name. So much for that.

I know! I'll take yoga classes. That will help my mind and my body.
I went, for a while. Peck peck.
Until again, the guilt over the money I was spending on the expensive yoga gym and the time spent in the evenings away from my son who I saw so little started eating at me.

How about a gym membership? I found one pretty close to my house (12 minutes without traffic) and it was reasonably priced. I went one night a week and met with a trainer. Peck peck. Sometimes I would make it on a Saturday morning too! Peck peck.
Except somehow I kept putting on more weight. How is that possible? (duh--working out will never cancel out poor food choices. I know that now!)

All those fits and starts. All that hunting and pecking just to get back to baseline. So much wasted time and effort.

But then everything changed! I was introduced to this revolutionary idea of a home workout + proper nutrition + accountability (Just kidding--it's not revolutionary--its magic lies in its simplicity).  See, I actually had tried a home workout in one of my prior hunt/peck attempts--Daily Burn. Not knocking it, but I didn't have a plan and no accountability and nothing to address my eating habits. That failed too.

What finally worked was putting those three pieces together--home workout + proper nutrition + accountability. I couldn't have done it on my own. But there's no shame in admitting that or asking for help. I have learned so much through this process. And I am a little mad about that time I missed--those YEARS I spent hunting and pecking. When all along this was right here.

Time and money are precious resources.  But there is no amount of money that makes up for lost time.  I don't want you wasting time hunting and pecking like I did. There are lots of different options for joining me with a program that is right for you. Maybe we just start with a diet change. Maybe you add in a workout too. Both come with options for accountability. Ask! Let's start talking about how to achieve the results you want instead of hunting and pecking without ever telling your story.


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