The Chard Card

Rainbow chard or Swiss chard or Miss Chard if you're nasty.

7 calories in a cup and 44% of your daily vitamin A.

It's actually a bit more mild in flavor than spinach. But don't tell Miss Chard that, she's been trying to cultivate a more exotic reputation.

Try it raw, blended into your daily smoothie (my fave is vegan chocolate Shakeology, a cup of greens, 10oz water, 1/2 a banana, and 1tsp. peanut butter).

It's a good idea to vary the types of greens you consume if you are regularly eating them (yes, you should be) so that you get a good mix of nutrients and to avoid alkaloid build up which can give you a tummy ache and make it so you can't tolerate your go-to green anymore.



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