Inertia: Things at rest stay at rest.
Or something like that. Hey, I'm a lawyer, not a scientist.

But I'm also a human. And I am learning things everyday.

One of those things is that change starts small. Just an idea. A "what if things could be different?" I would use the term "seed" but I think that word is dirty and gross--I can't help it--I think lots of words are dirty.

I started my changes just by telling myself that I could. I gave myself permission to do it. And then I looked for free You Tube exercise videos. I dutifully woke up 30 minutes early in the morning and pushed PLAY. Now, after a while, those freebie videos (which are awesome and I appreciate so much that I can't wait to come up with a few of my own in the hopes of getting someone else started like me) weren't enough. I needed a plan. I needed a system. Clearly, I found it. But, the important message is that you have to start somewhere.

A walk around the block...
Jumps or steps up on your porch (or a log like me)...

But I really want you to ask yourself:

Are my decisions this month/this week/today supporting my goals?

And if they aren't...why not?  


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