Trunk Club Love

I love Trunk Club.

If you are a busy person with little time to shop at the mall, you will love this service. If you are a person who likes to order a ton of stuff online and try it on at home this will also appeal to you. It's better than doing that because you don't have to deal with making returns, keeping track of invoices, dealing with different shipping carriers, spending your money up-front, etc.

It's like Stitch Fix  but a little different.

You "meet" with a stylist over the phone or via email. You explain what you need/want/like.
They send you a box full of goodies. And I mean full! You get 13-15 items in each box--including shoes.

You try it all on in the chaos comfort of your own home. You can mix in your own clothes and accessories to see how the new stuff works with what you already have. You can make blue steel faces in the mirror if you want and no one will judge you. It's great.
Blue Steel

Keep what you want and send back what you don't. They include a prepaid return label in each box and will schedule a pick-up right from your porch. 

How much does it cost you ask...well, the service is free. That's right--free. Unlike Stitch Fix, there is no "styling fee." As for the clothes, they are full-price Nordstrom. Nordstrom owns this company and all the clothes come from there. Trunk Club does price match with Nordstrom sales though--the dress I bought last time went on sale right after I bought it and they adjusted the price before charging my credit card. Awesome customer service! You can contact your stylist (If you use my link it will be a lovely woman named Christina Wilken) if you have any problems and they are really interested in your feedback so that they can further customize your next trunk. (AKA sell you more clothes, but that's the point, right?)  

The sizing is pretty great--I had some issues in my very first Trunk, I think because Nordstrom tends to be less vanity sized than stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic. I needed to size up. But it was no problem--Christina just sent me a new Trunk right away. There is no pressure to buy anything. Don't like your Trunk? Just send it all back and ask for another (or not, it's up to you). Only like one thing in there? Just buy that. On a budget? Tell your stylist and she will try to accommodate (but remember it's not Walmart prices!) 

Here are website pictures of what I bought in my last Trunk (I don't have any action shots of me in the clothes--sorry--too busy for that!)


I got tons of compliments on that green dress at work. Worth every penny! 

Please note that the links for both Trunk Club and Stitch Fix in this post are referral links. I get $ if you use my link. Free money! Woo Hoo! Use my link and then share the awesomeness with your friends to get the same. Try them both and see what you like better. Let me know what you think. 


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