Growing Up

Dad: "Come say goodbye to G and J."
Nick:"Dad, I busy with something."
Dad: "OK, well, take a break to come say goodbye."
Nick: "No Dad! I working."

"Nick do it."
"Don't bother me."

Independent, but a mamma's boy.
Curious and rambunctious. I think we alarm people at the grocery when I let him run wild. I'm sure they are thinking that I'm crazy or a bad mom or worse. I don't care. He won't be confined to a cart.

At 2.5 he speaks in full sentences and remembers things better than I do sometimes.
He says "thank you" without prompting (most of the time).

He loves blueberries and has the perfect way of saying "berries."
He calls our dog Ginger, "Dinder" and loves to pet her and our other dog, Buddy.
"You're so soft." Referring to the dogs and me. When I tell him that he's so soft, he says, "no, I not soft mommy."

"It's so sunny. I need my glasses."
He sings Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


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