Somewhere over the rainbow

Nick turned two!
And we had a little party.
It was loosely rainbow themed.

Lots of 'loons

I made the swag by taking 4 balloons and tying them together with twine threaded through the tied-off part of the balloons. Then I strung 3 sets of four on a really long piece of twine. It was easy, but there were some sore fingers from tying all those balloons. And clearly I didn't fill the red ones with enough air. 


We hung it on our new barn. It looks pretty artsy, no? I really wanted to get a picture of me and Nick in front if it, but the day got away from me. As usual.


And, a sour cherry Mojito. It's Martha's recipe. Although I can't recommend it. The cherry to vodka ratio was off. Too many cherries, not enough vodka. The basil flavor didn't come through either. But that could have been user error.



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