Burn this into my brain!

Nick is 2 today. And like all moms, I just can't believe it.
He is so adorable I want to burn everything he says and does into my brain so that I don't forget a moment of it.


He loves to say things like, "Sit down mama." Or "Come on mama." and make a little gesture with his hand so that I follow him.

Right now he's obsessed with colors, "playing" board games, running outside, R. E. M.'s Sesame Street version of Shiny Happy People, and tractors. He also loves helicopters and can say the word with remarkable clarity (or so I think). A favorite past time is to walk around and "meet people" everywhere he goes.

He can count to 4 reliably and spout out a few other numbers in random order. He says the phrase "my help" when he means that he doesn't want anyone's help to accomplish something. Balloons are "loons" and umbrella sounds like "allella." I may be the only one who understands his words, but he's full of them. He sings to me in the car and gives the tightest, best hugs in the world. His smile is a ray of warm sunshine on my heart.

And I never want to forget any of it.


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