Sew Boy

A couple little shirts I whipped up (haha) out of the book Sewing For Boys by Shelly Figueroa (of Figgy's) and Karen LePage. I love this book and I'm glad to finally be getting around to making some of the clothes.

These are relatively easy to sew. I say relatively because there is inevitably some part of it that trips me up. But the whole thing can be done in about 2 hours (for me). And that is a quick sew!

On this pattern the tough part can be topstitching the side seams because you have to do it essentially blind and it's hard to get into the armholes on the long-sleeved version. I also often get tripped up on attaching the neckband. It's one of those moments where you need to step away from the instructions and just do it how it makes sense to you.

Stripes and skulls for my little man. Now I just need for him to hold still so I can get a few cute shots of him wearing the shirts!


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