Weekly Meal Plan #1: January 4-10, 2014

Sunday: Easy Vegetarian Manicotti with Alexia Garlic Bread and mixed green salad

Noreen Cooks
Monday: Crock Pot Orange Chicken with Alton Brown's Baked Brown Rice and Sauteed Carrots (I make the Chicken with organic, free-range chicken and organic BBQ sauce)

Six Sister's Stuff

Monday: Smitten Kitchen's lazy-pizza-dough-favorite-margarita-pizza (I used 2 cups of organic white flour and 1 cup of organic whole wheat--finger's crossed this one turns out...)

Smitten Kitchen

Tuesday: Tacos with grass-fed ground beef and organic refried beans (for me)
Wednesday: Leftovers/Whatever you can find ;)
Cookies are NOT recommended for dinner
Thursday: Veggie Burgers and Alexia Sweet Potato Fries

Friday: Probably takeout...
That's what I got for this week. As you can see, sometimes I peter out towards the end of the week. And sometimes I have to plan some takeout to keep myself sane/have a delicious treat. Everything in moderation, right?


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