Quick Gift Idea = Embellished Towels

I know, Christmas is already over. BUT--this super simple, semi-handmade kitchen towel would be an awesome addition to gifts at other times of the year. I'm thinking in a "welcome to the neighborhood" gift basket, or thrown in with other housewares for a newlywed, or to give to your niece as she moves into her first apartment...

This particular one was for a boy. Hence the airplane.

Ignore my dirty stove. Just "keeping it real." (real cropped!) And ignore that this photo was taken in my poorly lit kitchen. The other images I used were a beagle, a map of Ohio and the Swedish Chef.
Eclectic, right?

And I bet you are wondering how I got the super-cool, old-timey image on there. Well, I used this stuff:

Lesley Riley
You just find your images, tweak them in a photo editing program if necessary, print and iron on. It's so much better than the heat transfer paper I've used before. There's not much plastic-y feel to it at all.  Oh, and I bought white kitchen towels from Amazon.

I also added a little extra fabric detail. It's Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics, "feathers." The towel pictured above has a simple edge sewn on. On the others I added large vertical stripes of fabric and positioned them so that when you fold the towel in half and hang it, the embellishment would be visible. Just iron strips of fabric so that raw edges are hidden and topstitch onto the towel. The possibilities are endless.



My kind of project.


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