Getting Our Art On

A big, fun project for me and the kids. A large impact on my wall. A tiny piece out of the budget.
All good things!

Here's what we used:

A regular old canvas drop cloth from Lowe's for about $6.00,

4 of these corner brackets for about $3.00,

Some 2 inch thick strips of wood,

A handy husband to build the frame,

And whatever paint I could find around the house.

I didn't wash or iron the canvas. I just spread it out. The fold lines gave it some extra texture but you could get rid of those. I covered the whole thing in Gesso and let it dry. Then I used masking tape to make a rough chevron pattern.

The next step was spray paint. I wanted a thin wash of color and that did the trick. The kids loved working with the spray paint. Red, silver and turquoise. Acrylic and house paint rounded out the selections.

We worked late into the night. (Not really, it was about 8:30 I think...)
I just let them go. I did a few sections too. We pulled the tape off while it was still wet. They just couldn't wait.

We let it dry and stapled it around the frame pulling as tightly as possible with a staple gun.  Then I lazily propped it up against the wall where it is supposed to be hanging. We'll get to the actual hanging up someday, right?

I love all the detail and color. 
It would also be cool to make a grid pattern with skinnier tape. That will have to be next. Bare walls beware. 



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