Stitch Fix

Want to try something new and fun? Like surprises? Want Christmas in September--for you?

I like to try new things.

I gave The Honest Company a try and wrote about it here.
Jessica Alba did NOT do me wrong. The Honest Company is oh so right. Diapers, skin care, and cleaning products, eco-friendly and delivered right to my door. (I am in no way connected to that company nor do I receive any perks or compensation from them. Unless you want to join, I can send you an email and get a referral credit.)

Home delivery is great. I am also obsessed with Amazon Prime.
So, when I heard about Stitch Fix I was all over it.

Top from Stitch Fix
Nice background, huh?

Fashion delivered to my door? Hand-selected items just for me? Yes please!

Stitch Fix is a shopping revolution. I guarantee you are going to start seeing copiers/competitors of this business model popping up all over.

You sign up, pay a $20 styling fee, answer a survey about your likes and dislikes and sizing and body type. Then a stylist picks pieces that he or she thinks you will like. 5 pieces get delivered to your door for free. You try them on and use the included styling suggestions to see if any of the pieces fit with your current wardrobe and if they float your boat. If they do, you keep them. Done.

If you don't like what they've sent, you just put the items in the included mailing envelope and stick it in any mailbox. No special trip to FedEx required.

Then you "check out" online and pay for what you've kept and note why you returned what you didn't like. That way, your next Fix will be even better (hopefully). That $20 styling fee gets credited towards whatever you decide to keep.

Ignore the wrinkles, please!
Top and necklace from Stitch Fix
They key to this business model is two-fold. First, that $20 styling fee makes you want to buy at least one piece. We all have some level of loss-aversion that makes us not want to lose out on that $20, so even if it means buying something that costs more, we will do it. The good news is that in every box I've gotten so far (two Fixes, to be exact) there has been something I wanted to keep. Second, having the items (clothes or accessories) in your home gives you some kind of ownership over them. You don't want to let them go once you've pranced around the living room in them. Not that I've done that.
So, as long as you recognize these forces at work, you can really get some unique things that you might not have picked for yourself at the store. Oh--and you can set the price range at something you are comfortable with. They do work with nicer, boutique-style designers so we aren't talking Target prices, but they are reasonable. Phew. Was that enough psychology?

If you want to try Stitch Fix, click on my links in this post. Stitch Fix has a generous referral policy. So if you sign up through me, I get a little spending cash from them. Then you can tell all of your friends about how fun this is and get the same!


  1. Replies
    1. It's so much fun. And addicting! Beware.

  2. Okay, so I had heard of the name Stitch Fix floating around lately but hadn't taken the time to investigate what they were AND ummm.....well, they sound awesome!! I would love to just have someone else dress me.

    1. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone. Just enough. And getting that box is such a good surprise!


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