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I should never ever try any illegal or addictive drugs. Ever.
That might seem like advice everyone should follow, but man. I tried coffee for the first time about 2 weeks ago it it only took me 3 days to become utterly addicted.

I used to hate all hot beverages. Hate.
Then somehow I tried some tea. And I grew to love it. (My husband would say he got me started on the tea.) Tea was my gateway beverage.

I've tried coffee before. I don't think you can get through college and law school without at least one caffeine fueled all-nighter. But I thought it was gross. And it made me feel sick.

But a friend wanted a Keurig for the office and randomly I agreed to throw in for it (I still owe her the money--oops). And then the dark, mocha, hazelnut, vanilla spiral began. And there's no looking back. At first I could only drink a few sips and I was done. Now I'm downing grande lattes like Kobayashi with a plate of hot dogs. And while some hard-core coffee aficionados don't consider a latte "real coffee," it won't be long until it it's black sludge filling my grande cup. I just know it.



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