1st Birthday Tweet

I gave Nick a tweet for his first birthday!
No, not that kind of tweet. That would be a really lame gift for a 1 year old.

This kind:

I wanted to make him a little something special to wear to daycare on his big day. 
I used my Silhouette.
It was the first time I've tried using it with fabric. I was really impressed. I was not really impressed with my sewing, but I'm going to blame that on the late hour and that I was rushing because I did this the night before his birthday. Nothing like the last minute. As usual. 
I used Heat-n-Bond Lite to iron my fabric onto the onesie. Silhouette sells their own version, but I wanted to use up scraps of fabric and whatever I had on hand. It worked perfectly. 

Also as usual please excuse the crappy pictures. I do everything at night. And I'm bad at taking pictures. Those are my excuses. 

The biggest challenge was making sure that my squares of fabric were lined up properly to be cut out. I made a practice template out of regular printer paper to help me do that. It looked like this:

Once all my pieces were cut out by the Silhouette, I peeled them off and ironed them to the onesie. Then I zig-zagged all around the edges. That's where things got a little dicey. And zig-zagged is totally a technical sewing term, right? 

But, I think he likes it. It was tough to get a good picture in the morning mad dash to work. 

Happy birthday, love of my life.


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