Real life late

These shoes are totally not court appropriate. They were my comfy "walk to work" shoes today. I have to walk about 5 blocks from the parking garage to my office. Some days the walk is ok, enjoyable even, and others it's terrible. I have to pay $50 a month to park there. Sigh.

I change into my heels once I get to the office (usually--sometimes the comfy shoes stay on all day if I don't have to see anyone).

The reason I'm sharing them is because I am way behind in my self-imposed Laurel dress timeline.
Can you see those stacks of files on my desk?  I have a full-time job. And a family. And a house. get the picture. My daytime work ends at 5PM. Then it's a race to daycare and my evening work begins at 6PM. And by evening work I mean dinner, clean-up, dog feeding and walking, bottle washing, bottle preparing, lunch packing, bedtime...the list goes on. By the time all of that is done it's usually somewhere around 8:30 or 9 PM. And I'm TIRED! It doesn't leave much room for crafty pursuits most nights. I like to leave the weekends for playing with Nick and spending time with Ben, Grace and Joe if we can. When do I fit in "me" time?

Back to the point. My Laurel muslin is way too big. I was embarrassed to even take a photo. I'm going to re-trace a smaller size and make the back darts bigger. The armholes also need a small adjustment. Next up is a wearable muslin out of some fabric I already  have in my stash. I've still got fabric paralysis. Too many options. I promise I'll show the wearable muslin. Whipping that up should go a little more quickly now that I've tried my hand at the darts in the pattern. My hope is that it will be good enough to throw in the Flickr pool.

Balance is tough to come by. I'm working on it.



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