Quick--while he's napping--office update

We have shelves!
They look really cool!
They match our awesome desk/work table!

I showed that before, didn't I?
If not, here it is again:

And now the matching shelves, also built and installed by Ben.
I love them!

We are on our way to getting that table top cleared off and getting the shelves styled pretty.
The original inspiration for them came from The-brick-house.com

That mirror has got to go! I need some bright, bold, colorful, huge art for that space to do the industrial style of the shelves justice. That and because my house is pretty much all wood and beige. The office still needs desk chairs, a rug, and blinds and we should be set!

Next weekend--the half bath! Home projects are almost done. Just in time to enjoy them all winter long.


  1. It will look awesome when all finished. Love the book shelves.

  2. I LOVE them! I can't wait to finish our shelves. Thanks for showing me - I'll have to follow along to see how you style them.


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