Don't do me wrong Jessica Alba

I'm trying out something new.

It can be hard to find affordable, truly green personal care products. This was abundantly clear to me as I searched to add a little "new baby supplies" package to my baby registry. You know--butt cream, shampoo, lotion, etc. And I use the term "truly green" because the marketplace is awash in products that are marketed as environmentally friendly, but actually are not. And the more important consideration for me with these types of products is how it will impact my body and my tiny little baby's body. His/her skin is way more penetrable than mine and the toxins accumulate faster because of the smaller surface area of skin. Make sense?

Anyway, one good place to check out the products you are using is the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

So how does this all relate to Jessica Alba?
She started a diaper service and natural products company and I'm trying it out. It's The Honest Co.. I'm not trying the diapers however. I've decided to use gdiapers to take care of the baby's business.

I chose gdiapers (to start with--we'll see how it goes) because I think they will be best for the daycare situation. Gdiapers are cloth on the outside with a disposable insert that can be flushed, composted or tossed. And they are plastic free so even if tossed, they make much less of an impact. They also have cloth re-usable inserts but I'm thinking the disposables are the way to go for us. Because let's face it, I am human and have a full-time job. Anyway, the outer cloth part of the diaper is supposed to last through several changes before you swap it out (unless there's a blowout or other pooptastrophy). So, we'll have to provide daycare with several clean outer covers and the disposable inserts. I think it's a nice compromise between all cloth and traditional disposable. The daycare we are using is on board with cloth diapering, but they just put the dirty ones in a bag for you to take home at the end of the day. This way, hopefully I won't have a bag full of poo, but instead a bag of lightly soiled outer covers to wash.

But back to Jessica and her laundry detergent. The other part of her company is cleaning products and bath and body care. It's a monthly delivery service. It's $36.00 plus $4.00 shipping. It comes with 5 core products the first month. After that, you can choose any 5 products from the line to come in your shipment. This is one of the things I like about it because I was concerned that I might not need another hand soap the next month. In that case I can choose sunscreen or body oil or something else instead and customize it.

She includes a kind of gimmicky price comparison on the website so I am ready to try these products out and do an actual price comparison to see if it's worth it. I'll let you know. If you care. Whoever you are. I'll still write it down for my own justification even if no one cares. Because I can.


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