Body Language

Yes, I am having a baby. In August.
Now, with about three months left, my belly precedes me when I enter a room.
I know this is a common gripe of pregnant ladies, but the comments about said belly are getting to me.

I'm not talking about my friends--with you I can commiserate and ask questions and complain. I'm also not talking about my family--your excitement makes me even more excited. Comment away.

No, it's the random people at work who feel a need to comment. Just tell me I look great. Tell me I'm cute (if it's appropriate). I know you might be lying, but I don't care. Just please stop asking me how I'm "feeling" every time I see you. I know you mean well and perhaps are just trying to be polite, but you didn't care how I was "feeling" before . Why do you care now? Will you still care when this baby makes a break for it?

Some examples:

CREEPY GUY AT WORK: "I heard you are pregnant."
ME: "Yes, I am."
CREEPY GUY: "I wondered. You've always had that sleek runner's build but I had noticed that lately..." (trails off).
ME: "mmmm hhhhmmm"

And again on a different day while waiting for the elevator:

SAME CREEPY GUY: "All of the women in the office must hate you."
ME: "Um, well, I hope not. Why?" (Why did I engage him--stupid, stupid.)
CREEPY GUY: "Because from behind you can't even tell that you're pregnant."
ME: stunned silence

Thank you, CREEPY GUY, for keeping tabs on the rear-view for me. Much obliged sir.


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