Quick Flooring Update--In case you care.

So, the scene at my house pretty much still looks like this:

There's still a lot left to do. 
  • Finish installing the wood in the hallway, half-bath, entry, living room (soon to be office) and dining room
  • Add baseboards around all the cabinets in the kitchen (upgrade!)
  • Add quarter-round to everything
  • Touch up the damaged walls and baseboards 
  • Recover my kitchen chairs (and think about painting/re-staining the table itself...hmmm)
  • Prime, paint and stencil the half-bathroom
  • Re-plumb and install the new sink in the half-bath
Once that's all done, we will start working on transforming the living room to our home office. That will be super fun. Ben's already started working on building a large farmhouse style table that will become our desk/work space. We are also doing a wall of shelves and I've got to come up with some creative and pretty ways to store all our office junk and my crafty paraphernalia (wow--thanks for that one, spellcheck) out in the open. These are all topics for another day, another post. And so is the half-bath update. Although pictures for that will probably be really terrible because it's a really small room. 

Anyway, here is at least a sneak peek at some of the finished flooring along with a couple of cute dogs. Aren't they pretty? 



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