Made By Rae Spring Top Sew Along update

Well, I'm behind my self-imposed schedule on my Anna Tunic for the Made by Rae spring top sew along. Not surprising. If you are interested, check out the flicker pool of entries that have already been submitted. There are some awesome tops and new patterns that I want to try. Let's hope mine falls in the awesome category once it's all done.

Here are my tissue paper pattern pieces, sitting, waiting for some attention.

I think I've mentioned this before, but I like to trace the pattern onto tissue paper in the size I'm making so that I can re-use the patterns and make different sizes. And I think that tissue paper is the low budget method. Pretty sure I should invest in something like pattern tracing material so that I don't have to re-do this every time I go to use the pattern. Maybe I'll hit up the 25% off sale at JoAnn's this weekend. This step definitely adds time to the overall project. 

Here's the delicious fabric I'm about to cut into

It's Michael Miller's Dumb Dot. I didn't even realize that was the name until I just looked right now. I like this fabric even better. I bought mine at Sew to Speak, which, if you are in Columbus, you should check out. It's a great little store. Every time I go I can't make up my mind about which cool fabric to choose. 

As I'm getting ready to lay this pretty fabric on the dog hair-covered floor to begin cutting, I can't help but be excited for the new work space that's coming my way soon. So, here's a little preview. 

The tabletop that will become the sewing area/office (it's huge enough for me to avoid the hairy floor!):

Hand-crafted by Ben. I love it. 
Here's the unfinished base:

And finally, here's where it's going to go once it's all done:

I know it might seem a little weird, but I'll be back to explain how it's all going to come together. At least in my mind it comes together perfectly... But check out those floors! 

And now I better get back to work on my top. 


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