Delicious Low-Fat Cupcakes..I must be dreaming

Pretty much, yes.

I am not the domestic goddess you are looking for.

I was excited to try out a recipe I saw in Shape or Health or one of those magazines. It was for red velvet mini-cupcakes with marshmallow fluff icing. Doesn't that sound great?

This is what they were made of:

They are supposed to be "healthy." And yes, I realize that red-velvet cake with marshmallow fluff on top is not healthy, but, in my defense, it WAS lighter than the real thing. I should know better and just savor a real cupcake instead of trying to make them healthier.

But here they are looking pretty.
Maybe my mistake was buying "marshmallow creme" instead of fluff. Are those two different things?

Don't you want one? They were decent the night I made them. Although the red-velvet cake mix turned our mouths red.

So I packed some up to take to work with me. And when I woke up in the morning, this is what greeted me:

Total meltdown. Cupcake fail.


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