I'm obsessed with Pinterest.

There are so many cool ideas and inspiration on there. But, if I just sit there pinning and never doing, it seems like kind of a waste. So, I'm going to Pin-Do.

So far, I've made a couple of recipes that I found on Pinterest. The crafts are what I really need to tackle.

But anyway:

Here are some glazed donut muffins.
The original source and recipe for these can be found on Sweet Pea's Kitchen. You'll also have to look there for a picture of the finished product. I took pictures of the mess I made making them, but not the end result. Huh?

Mix them up. Please note my lack of fancy KitchenAid mixer. If you have one you'd like to get off your counter--call me!

Mess it up. Not that it was that neat to begin with....

 Bake them up.


And then I'd normally show a picture of how nice they turned out. And they did--I was probably too busy shoving them in my face to take a picture.

They also freeze and reheat really well.

The only recommendation that I would make is to NOT use a liner with them. I found that the glaze  dripped down the sides and it got wasted when you peel away the paper liner. Without them, the glaze will also coat the sides a little. Which would be even more delicious.



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