Spray Paint Fun

Spray paint is one of my favorite things. I love it probably more than I should for someone who cares about the environment.

I have been on the hunt for a mirror to hang in our kitchen so that as you leave through the garage door, you can give yourself one last look. Make sure there's no spinach on my teeth or anything.

I got this mirror for $5.00. We were driving up to Sandusky, OH to go sailing and we passed a little antique store with this mirror outside. It was just what I'd been looking for--round with cool details in the frame (but no birds or naked children/cherubs). As we drove passed, we needed to stop for gas. I was sure it would be as expensive as the ones like it that I'd seen in Columbus. Those all weren't quite right and cost about $30-$40. So, Ben was kind enough to indulge my curiosity and I ran over a block to see how much it was. Score! It was $5.99. So, I dug through my purse and came up with $4 in ones, and 4 quarters. I handed my fist full of cash to the guy inside and that baby was mine.

She's a keeper don't you think?

But of course I can't leave it that ugly gold color. I sprayed it.

First with primer:

Then with bright red, glossy paint.

And there it is from further away--and in full view of my messy kitchen table.

Next up for the kitchen is recovering the chairs to that table and new flooring!!

What do you think about the color? Should I have gone with something more subtle? Navy maybe? Green? The great thing is that I can always change it later if I decide I don't like it. Those are my favorite home additions--ones I can change if I get sick of them. After all, it only cost me about $13.00 ($5 for the mirror, $8 for the paint, $0 for primer I already had).


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