Wrap it up

I read something on the interwebs yesterday that I thought was genius. I can't believe I hadn't thought of this. Maybe someone else has, and if so WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME? It's such a good, re-useful idea.

Here it is:

Take all the Christmas cards you get this year and save them. (Maybe you already do this, but I don't and I'm sorry if you sent me a card last year--it got thrown away when I took down the decorations). But this year I will be re-using all the beautiful cards and turning them into gift tags. If they are folded cards, most people only write on the right side of the interior. Take the cover and cut out shapes that highlight whatever decoration is on the front. Then punch a hole, tie it to your gift, and use the white backside to write your "to" and "from." How awesome is that? Now the cards don't go to waste and there is no need to buy gift tags. I'm not really sure why I found this so amazing yesterday. Now that I'm writing it down it seems kind of obvious.

I can't find the original place that I saw this idea. I certainly can't take credit for it. There are other blogs out there that have thought of it before me. Here's one of them. Although she uses the word "frugal" to describe them. I hate that word.

Anyways, enough about words. More pictures. Here are some other awesome wrapping ideas.

Dana at MADE shared this cute idea for using fabric scraps as ribbon:

Sara from Feeding the Soil shared this yarn-wrapped gift:

So cool for a birthday, but she also has done this with a Christmas theme:

And of course Martha has some good ideas. Check out this way to wrap up all those wine bottles:

And lastly, more yarn variations, again from Martha:


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