Friday, October 28, 2011

Odds (and Ends)

I love these. I could sit and eat an entire vat of them. Somehow, because they are filled with pretzels, I think of them as "healthy." Ha! Riiight.

picture from here

In other news, we are attending the Young Survival Coalition Central Ohio In Living Pink casino themed gala tonight. It is a benefit for the Coalition which provides support to young cancer survivors.  The tickets have been generously provided by my friend's aunt who will be receiving an award! I am going to wear hot pink jeans (I think--provided they look good and not too casual) like these from Express:

Maybe I will get a picture of ME in them--it will not look like the above picture!! I think her thigh is as long as my entire leg. But, I am excited about the pink jeans. I think they will be more wearable than you might imagine. I'm seeing a navy striped top, a grey sweater--any neutrals really--all pairing up nicely. I was torn between the pink and the red. I normally never wear pink or red because they look terrible on me up near my face--but on the bottom it just might work.

I am also taking a knitting class on November 7 and 14th and I am really excited about it! I'm taking it at Wholly Craft. I am dreaming of creating things like this:
or this:
But, when I look at the instructions for the cowl above, they might as well be written in Sanskrit. The pictures with the instructions don't help. So, I will most likely end up with something more like this:

picture from here
And if you click on the link for that picture it will take you to a website dedicated to making fun of bad knitting. It's now defunct, but there's some funny sh*t on there. It's kind of like Cakewrecks. Which, if you are bored and want to kill some time, click and laugh. Here, I'll even help with an excerpt:

WHAT in the name of sweet Lassie is that spider doing?!?
picture and caption from

Enjoy the weekend.

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