New Kicks

Well, I ran the 1/2 marathon on Sunday. 

As predicted, I felt like a slacker for only doing half of the race. I felt great--like I could have run all day.

The weather was perfect and so were the fans along the course. Columbus is great for that--there are only a few spots where there isn't really anyone cheering for you. I love those people who come out to watch and support. They will scream and yell and clap even though they have no idea who you are. I especially love the kids who stick out their hands hoping the runners will give them a high-five. I can't really describe how much that helps me--especially during the full 26.2.

I ran the race in my new kicks. Brooks Pure Connect.

Here's what the Brooks website has to say about them:
Let your feet breathe and your senses soar with the PureConnect, our lightest and most flexible shoe in the line. With open mesh materials for a featherweight feel, and a split toe groove that gives your underfoot acrobat-like flexibility, this shoe puts as little as necessary between you and the ground, tuning you to the run with every stride.

Here's what I have to say about them:
They are really light and they look pretty cool. There is something that I need to get used to in the arch support. It's almost like it's too long and makes my foot cramp a little bit. I will have to keep wearing them for long runs to see if it gets any better. I took a chance and ran the 1/2 in them even though I'd only run 11 miles in them once before that. Generally you want to wear your shoes for at least a month before you wear them in a race. 

Final Time: 1:53:38. Not bad! And I ran with my friends, Letson and Manning. They both kept me going the whole way!


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