Jewelry Display Ideas

I launched the new Willow House designer jewelry line on Sunday.

Here's my display:

I used the Riverstone Tapas set with some black sand (from Michael's @ 20% off for about $3.00) to display our beautiful Bali Scroll Treasures bracelet and one of our bangles. 

I used an old frame that I got at a garage sale for about $1.00 and wrapped some raffia-wrapped wire around it. This would look really cute on a larger scale, hung on a wall. Buy a large, old frame and paint it shabby chic white and then wind the wire across. You'll want to put the wire going across the front of the frame if you are hanging it on a wall so that there is a little space between the wire and the wall to hook your earrings. Hang that on your bedroom wall for some beautiful jewelry storage that doubles as wall art. With this little guy, I still need to get a plate or frame stand to set it upright on. 

This was one of my favorite ideas. I just used one of the glass inserts from the Willow House French Wire Carousel and filled it with a couple of river rocks (from JoAnn's at 40% off) and some small branches from outside. Then, I hung a pair of earrings on it. I used 2 of those in my display. You could also do this on a larger scale with one of the Willow House hurricanes. Just use more rocks and a bigger branch and create a natural necklace tree.

What do you think? Wouldn't you love to put some of that jewelry on?


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