I like giving people gifts. But I am pretty bad at picking them out. I like VERY specific lists. While not as surprising, a specific list makes the whole gift-purchasing experience easy and you know the other person will like what you gave to them.


So, because I like being given a specific list from which to shop for gifts for YOU, I am going to give you one for me. Just in case. In case you are overcome by the sudden desire to rid yourself of money and buy things for me :) Of course you can also always buy things FROM me too. Part of this is also so that I can remember where I've seen things I like on the interwebs so that I can buy them for myself too.

I would highly suggest creating one of these for yourself. The site is Wishpot. I update it whenever I come across something cool. If I get ambitious, I will make separate lists for Grace and Joe to make shopping for them easier too.

You are welcome. ;)


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