There's a hole, there's a hole

There's a hole in the bottom of my jeans.

My favorite pair--my 1st pair of fancy, expensive jeans. They are Citizens of Humanity, Ingrid #002, stretch, low waist flare. I got them at Dr. Mojo, which is sadly no more. I think the jeans are circa 2006.

I have worn them so much that they developed holes. In a most unflattering spot! Some holes are cool--like on your knees or maybe the pocket. But my holes were right in the crotch. Bummer. No matter how skinny I am, there's always that spot at the top of my thighs where they RUB TOGETHER. Boo for friction.

Anyways, I have been meaning to fix this problem for a while now, I just was scared and thought it would be time consuming. I was wrong. I followed a tutorial from Adventures in Dressmaking and it only took me an hour or so--which included breaks for making and eating dinner.

Once again, please excuse the pictures. I started this when it was light outside and finished it in the dark.

First up, we have the jeans:

Nothing to see here. Everything's fine! 

Uh Oh! There they are. 

So, the solution according to the tutorial I found (and was so graciously posted on the interwebs so that I could use it) was to iron fusible interfacing to the inside of the hole, turn the jeans the right way, and sew over it about 100 times. Then you go around your patch on the inside so that the interfacing doesn't peel away as it gets washed.

 And there are two really dark close-ups of the work. The hole on the right was much easier to repair and less visible. The lesson here is the longer you let your hole linger, the harder it is to cover up. But seriously, this looks pretty darn good and it's the exact same technique the pros use to patch jeans.

And look at me crossing things off my to-do list.


  1. You did a great job!! So glad you were able to save those Citizens jeans =)


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