Pillow Talk

Hopefully you didn't have to work today. I didn't so my day consisted of gym, grocery, dog park and pillow making! Pretty perfect if you ask me.

1st up was a pillow for Grace's room. I felt like she needed a pop of color! Haha. Not really--if you've seen her room you know that it's brighter than the surface of the sun. But, this polka dot fabric matched her bedding and was pretty hard to resist.

A detail shot. 

And, I also started recovering some pillows for the family room. I used this tutorial for 10 minute envelope pillow covers from A Pretty Cool Life. They really are quick and I love that it's super easy to change them. You know, in case I change my mind. I have several more to finish. 

I tried to line up the pattern, but that seems to be an advanced sewing skill. It was aligned when I pinned it, but then when I put the pillow in it wasn't . Oh well--Buddy likes them. See?

 I hope you had a good labor day.


  1. I like them too. You did a great job and I'm proud of all your sewing accomplishments!


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