A little Friday happiness for you

I already posted this on Facebook, but in case you didn't see it:  deformed puppy, rescued from trash, learns to walk.  Hey, maybe there are some good people in the world.

Have I mentioned before how much I love dogs? Well I do.

I like this from Gracehesterdesigns at etsy. She is located in Westerville! Maybe she's my neighbor and I can just walk over and strike up a conversation and get one without paying shipping.

It reminds me of Grace and how she always wants to be cozy.

Finally, I like candy corn. I know not everyone does. In fact, I'd bet a lot of you think it's gross. Well, you are wrong. You are also wrong about Good & Plenty and black jelly beans.

But, in case you DO like candy corn and are crazy enough to want to try making it yourself, here's a link: You have too much time on your hands if you click here.

And if you DO like candy corn and want some not-crazy ways to use it (because, come on, it costs like $1.99 why would anyone make it themselves?), here are some ideas for it:

Candy Corn Cordials at Food Network

Candy Corn Snack Mix
This could not be easier--it's just candy corn + M&Ms + salted peanuts
Eat one of each at the same time. It's great.

And finally, some cookies in case you really don't want to actually eat candy corn.

Huh, how did this suddenly become all about candy corn? It was supposed to be about random Friday happiness. Oh well. 


  1. I love candy corn, Good and Plenty and black jelly beans!!! I could eat candy corn till it makes me sick!!!


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