Crayon Art

These are everywhere. I "borrowed" the idea from Whatever. Originally, I thought it would be some happy for my office, but when I was done, it just looked like it belonged in Joe's room.

Nothing like a little hot glue and a hair dryer!

They look so cool all lined up like that. But let me tell you--when you do this to a box of 64, the ones that are left are really sad. Brown and flesh colored...

 I wish my canvas had been a bit shorter so there wasn't so much white space at the bottom. Oh well--live and learn.

And here it is from further away. And I'm letting you see the reality that is Joe's room--always messy!

 You should try making one of these--it's really fast, fun, and cost about $14.00 ($10.00 for the canvas and $4.00 for the crayons.)


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