Kids These Days...

Do you remember when you would bring a camera to a major life event and click away, having no idea how the pictures would turn out or if you looked good in them? Then, you would drop your film off somewhere and wait. And wait, and wait for them to be developed? The anticipation of seeing those pictures was almost as much as it was when you were a kid waiting to see what Santa had brought on Christmas morning. And then, when they were ready you would go to pick them up and clutch the package excitedly until you were in the car? And then once you were in there, tearing open the envelope to see how they turned out, what was memorialized forever or whose head got cut off? Man, those were the days!

Don't get me wrong, digital is great--you never miss a moment, you can immediately fix it if someone's eyes are closed, the photos go right to your computer for publishing...the list could go on. But, nothing beats that feeling of not knowing, of waiting, and of being surprised once you finally see your pictures. I fear that kids these days will never experience that. I just experienced it yesterday. Ben gave the kids each a Kodak disposable camera to take with them on vacation. I took the cameras to Target to get developed and picked them up, not waiting to look until I got home, but instead stealing glances at the pictures while I drove (totally unsafe, I know--but at least I wasn't texting). And here are some of the highlights:
Sassy on the balcony

Self Portrait

My favorite

View from our balcony

Last day breakfast treat 

Totally creepy

Oh look--they're getting along

Everybody smile!
There are more pictures to come! We had a great trip. This is in Destin, FL by the way.
And here's to anticipation--may the younger generations get to experience it now and then.


  1. Love the photos and story. That last one would make a good Christmas Card.


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