A Bubble Skirt for Grace

I made a back-to-school skirt for Grace. I thought she'd like some peace sign fabric (because what 8 year old wouldn't?). The fabric is from JoAnn's.

The pattern was one I bought at Sew to Speak for $12. It's Ella's Bubble Bottom Skirt from Patterns by Figgy's.

This is the second time I've used it.
I don't know if it's because I am a relatively new sewer or what, but I did find the instructions that go with this pattern to be a bit vague at times. But, I think I've got it down! Let's take a look:

First, here is the pattern cover and me getting ready to sew. I always trace the size I want so that I can make multiple sizes of a pattern. I just use plain old tissue paper and a pencil. I know there are some fancy tools out there that help you do this, but so far, my method works just fine.

And here is the cut fabric ready to go! I love my sewing machine. It's a Janome. I don't get to use it often enough. Can you see my seam ripper in the picture below? That's always near my side.

And finally, here is Grace modeling my creation! It's a little big on her--even though it is a size 6! Hopefully she'll actually wear it. Who knows?

Do you have any projects that you're working on? Next on my list is some jeans patching, pillow making, and stocking finishing. (Yea, that's right. I have to finish Christmas stockings that I started last November.)


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