Do you know about ETSY?

I'm talking about Etsy.

The place for all things handmade. Handmade is awesome. Who doesn't love something handmade. It's a great place to start your Christmas shopping early. I know what you're thinking, "Christmas? Are you crazy? It's June." But really, Etsy is the kind of place where you will see something perfectly unique for someone and then forget. I'm telling you--just order now!

Here are some of my wants from Etsy right now.

From persimmonandpink's etsy shop
A print to hang somewhere important.

I also love this one from the same shop for our master bathroom:

Wouldn't that be nice to wake up to in the morning??

 I also love janeheller. And...well, I could go on and on, but I encourage you to go there and check it out for yourself. I love creativity. And I love supporting creativity in others. Go handmade!


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