Creative Pursuits

Not my creative pursuits (yet)--Grace and Joe's.

Here's some of Joe's art. I love the picture of Buddy :
 Check out those ears! Grace colored her own hair to help him out. My hair looks pretty much like it does in real life--slightly off. Ha!

And here is Grace's latest. She made a quilt. She did it all pretty much by herself. I just helped her with the sewing machine here and there. It took a lot for me to let her do the sewing on my new machine, but she really enjoyed it and did pretty well! I think it will be a fun thing for us to do together as her skills improve--and they won't improve unless I let her have a turn on the machine. So, I held my breath and prayed there were no colossal thread jams.

There was one.

And it happened because she forgot to put the presser foot down before she started. But, I couldn't be too mad because that is certainly something I've done myself :)

Hard at work.

Almost done. 

Perfection. Well, perfection for an 8 year old that did it all by herself. Once I have my space set up again I will have to show her how to cut same-sized squares. She wanted this to be made with love--so she used her own and Ben's old t-shirts and some of my scrap fabric. It was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.


  1. What a wonderful thing to do with Gracie. She did a great job for a first project.


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