Out with the old (garbage) and in with the new (reusables)

Earth is a nice place to live. I'd like to help keep it that way. I also want to reduce the amount of nasty chemicals in my house and body.
So, to that end I've:

Made my own deodorant.

Used reusable shopping bags almost everywhere I shop.

Started shopping almost exclusively at Whole Foods and we are looking into joining a Consumer Supported Agriculture group next spring to get more local foods--along with hitting up the Worthington Farmers Market.

Started a compost pile.

Tried our hand (somewhat unsuccessfully) at gardening.

One place I think I can do even better is eliminating throw-away products from our house. Paper towels, plastic silverware, dryer sheets, wrapping paper, the list goes on and on.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of cool ideas, fun projects, and useful products to help with my goal.

This site has some good stuff: http://www.reuseit.com/.

One of the hardest is going to be giving up paper towels and napkins. Lots of other people have taken on this challenge too.

Another project I want to try is making these felted dryer balls.

I'll let you know how they come out. 


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