A Yeasty Muffin Can Really Ruin Your Whole Day!

One of the best skits ever

But, thankfully the recipe I tried from here was delicious. I originally saw it blogged about on The Idea Room. The photos on that site don't compare to mine (as in I don't have any photo skilz), but she didn't post the Betty White skit to go along with her muffin.

Without further ado here are some sweet muffin shots:

I started with this stuff.

No, the Yuengling wasn't in the recipe. But, it wouldn't be my kind of baking session without it.



  1. I had one Megan, they were delicious!

  2. Thanks! Although I did realize that I used grated nutmeg instead of ground and that left some crunchy parts in them. I'll have to modify that next time.


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