DC Through Joe's Eyes

As promised here are some of the photos that Joe took with a disposable camera that his mom gave him for the trip. Grace had one too and since she ended up not coming with us, Joe got to take those as well.

This one is my favorite. I'd love to have it enlarged, framed and hung in Joe's room for him. We'd just have to crop out the corner of Ben's head there.

This one is pretty cool too. These were at the Air and Space Museum.

Always looking up!

This poor woman has no idea. At least he got her from the front. There were a lot of butt shots (including mine, but I'm not showing that one).

Eye level with the ropes that corralled the visitors.

Now hold on there just one minute...

And here is the stuffed animal photo montage I was talking about. There were six of these shots. I wish I knew how to use Photoshop better. I'd love to make a little photo strip-like compilation of them. He posed his subjects differently for each shot.

Mr. Horse and Mr. Bunny were really living the dream in that hotel room.


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