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Changing the input

Imagine you have a messy desk and you set a goal to clean it. If you summon the energy to tidy up, then you will have a clean desk—for now. But if you maintain the same sloppy, pack-rat habits that led to a messy desk in the first place, soon you’ll be looking at a new pile of clutter and hoping for another burst of motivation. You’re left chasing the same outcome because you never changed the system behind it. You treated a symptom without addressing the cause. Achieving a goal only changes your life for the moment. That’s the counter-intuitive thing about improvement. We think we need to change our results, but the results are not the problem. What we really need to change are the systems that cause those results. When you solve problems at the results level, you only solve them temporarily. In order to improve for good, you need to solve problems at the systems level. Fix the inputs and the outputs will fix themselves. (Adapted from Atomic Habits by James Clear.) 

Applying that sa…

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